Does your body need a tune up?

Look after yourself too. Rid yourself of pain/discomfort. Feel the best you can. You deserve this!

When Travelling in a plan to arrive fresh , I suggest you do the following.

Breathe deep, through he stomach, not the chest.  Massage the third eye point, between your eyebrows. This will calm you and put you in a more relaxed state.

Hydrate, you will need to drink more water than is offered. Aim for a glass of water every 90 mins or less. This will reduce headaches and you will feel more energetic.

Move and Stretch. Gentle stetching and moving around will release tight muscles and improve circulation as well as reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. People even in their 20’s can get this.

Wear comfortable clothing. Do a lap of the aisles every 90 min or so and when your are seated, point and flex your toes as often as possible and rotate your ankles.

For jetlag I strongly recommend a natural homeopathic remedy. It’s called Jet Ease and it’s in most health foods and some chemists. It is also sold at the airport chemist. It’s worth every cent . I have put many people onto this , about 20 and everyone of them reports that the jetlag went away. No symptoms at all. You must make sure you have enough jetease for the journey , also make sure you have enough for the return journey.

Of course if you are experiencing pain/stiffness before a trip, even a short 2 hour car trip you should make sure you have a treatment to prevent any more problems, as sitting for lengths of time can bring on more pain/discomfort. To have the best holiday, take care of yourself. You only have one body and sadly  it does not come with spare parts !

We want you moving with joy!

Happy holidays, stay safe, and make sure you have fun !



Robert and Simone