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Pamela Szymczyszyn
Pamela Szymczyszyn
01:58 16 Dec 19
Rob helped me find the reason of my back problems, so I was quite happy with the diagnose. I saw him twice and both visits were rushed though. After first visit he didn’t make any notes so the second time he didn’t remember me or what my problem was (visits were 1 week apart). On the second visit there was an accident where he dropped scissor that stuck into my foot. I wasn’t able to walk for the rest of the day and was sore for another couple days. Likely there was no nerves damaged. This could be easily avoid if he wasn’t rushing so much, hope he learned his lesson but I wouldn’t trust him with my body again. In the end It turned out quite unhappy body after visiting this place.
Maxehh Harmo
Maxehh Harmo
06:03 09 Oct 19
Thank you Robert I have had excellent results from your treatments Regards Karen Hafey
Nat H
Nat H
23:27 24 Sep 19
Very happy with my treatment! Looking forward to getting fixed 🙂 Thanks Rob for everything so far!
David Honners
David Honners
12:02 10 Sep 19
Ive had nerve pain for many years since my operation. I have tried many different therapists over the years but Rob's unique method has given me great pain relief from only 3 sessions. He is very friendly and i look forward to each session knowing ill progress some more.
Aaron H-Smith
Aaron H-Smith
04:04 25 Jul 19
Rob has done an amazing job with my back, legs and feet. I came to him 12 months ago and he was able to relieve my pain. Much to my own misfortune I didn't finish the treatment as suggested by him so I am now back in treatment with more significant issues than I started with. Rob has already put together a plan and I am making good progress to recovery. I would recommend Rob from the Happy Body to anybody as he has been a miracle worker for me !!
Joey Hurl
Joey Hurl
11:06 25 May 19
I would highly recommend Robert's services! After being involved in a car accident last year, I've undergone 9 months of physio and treatment but it wasn't until I saw Robert that I really started to see results. He takes a holistic approach and understands the body incredibly well! 5 Stars from me 🙂
Mina Staples
Mina Staples
22:08 13 May 19
Robert has fixed issues in my body with long lasting results, that no practitioner has been able to achieve in 20 years. He thinks holistically rather than myopically and leaves you with skills to stay strong and healthy rather than having to reply on his services to feel good. Incredible man, would recommend his services to every one
Anne McMahon
Anne McMahon
23:24 29 Apr 19
I highly recommend Robert to anyone with physical pain. He brings a wealth of knowledge to each treatment. He's obviously passionate about his work and really cares about giving his patient a positive outcome.
Get Performing with Jerome Lamarque
Get Performing with Jerome Lamarque
01:34 13 Apr 19
My hobby is sprinting in masters athletics, but recently I could not enjoy my love due to a left knee injury. I had gone to many other therapists to solve this problem but with no luck. Fortunately for me I was introduced to Robert via my partner and now I am glad to say I am running freely and improving my techniques in sprinting due his treatments. I highly recommend his services to anyone who values their body!
Roz Don
Roz Don
08:13 10 Apr 19
Robert changed my life. I am not spinning a story. I needed assistance everyday and was in and out of wheelchairs and rehabilitation for the past 3 years . One session with Robert had my pain 60% better. I was unable to walk with stability and could not walk up or down stairs, I had to crawl and it was extremely painful and left me crying, just to do stairs. Anway after 1 session I walked slowly up stairs and felt strong for the first time in 3 years. I've had 6 sessions in total and my pain is now 80%less. His different methods really work. His very skilled at his job and very dedicated. He really listened to me. I am living a life that has me moving and exercising and have reduced my pain medication significantly, all due to Robert
Jeremy Dowling
Jeremy Dowling
23:38 03 Apr 19
Awesome physio, done wonders in remediation of my locked up legs!! Highly recommend...
Margaret Gibson
Margaret Gibson
12:18 29 Mar 19
Robert is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful in assessing and treating the cause of my injury when i strained my hip in Netball a few days before. I walked in his clinic with very limited movement in my right hip where I had to use my hand to raise my leg to step up on a step. immediately after one treatment I was able to raise the leg up to hip level without assistance and and go for a run a few days later without pain or discomfort.
Josh Stinton
Josh Stinton
12:32 08 Feb 18
Put simply, Rob is a genius and consummate professional in his craft. I was first recommended to see him a couple years ago and I have received outstanding results each time I have visited him. My girlfriend and I now live in Norway and we both come to see him when we're in Sydney as we know without doubt that he is the best in his field. If you're looking to make your body perform at its peak condition and have a clear understanding of whatever your ailment is, look no further!
Jon White
Jon White
04:05 07 Dec 17
Before I met Robert, I couldn't stand at a bar or go to a concert without out excruciating pain in my knees and hips. As a tennis coach I am standing alot, so the pain I was going through daily was career threatening! At this point standing is no longer an issue after only a month of seeing Robert! I am also able to do more athletic things such as dancing, walking comfortably, etc! I look forward to the following months as I have full trust Robert can get me back to where I want to be in the near future!
Daniel Lai
Daniel Lai
03:47 30 Nov 17
Rob not only helped me fix some long term imbalances in my body, he took the time to explain to me how everything works. He is a passionate, experienced and skilled therapist, and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Rob
Suzie Erdbrink
Suzie Erdbrink
06:02 27 Nov 17
Robert is very knowledgeable. He is very hands on and gets to the root of the problem pretty quickly. I was holidaying in Australia so wasn't able to have more than one treatment but i certainly felt better and was able to continue my holiday more comfortably.
Thiago G Hard
Thiago G Hard
05:29 31 Oct 17
I have been suffering with pain in my back for a long time, and I had seen many doctors before, orthopedists, physiotherapists and chiropractors; none of those discovered the reason of my aches. In only one session Robert recognized that I was suffering from lack engagement in some of my leg muscles, what turn into overloading my lower back muscles. After seeing Robert I am much better, near 100%, with only two sessions.
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Robert from the Happy Body is a therapist with a zest for the industry that you may only meet a few times every decade or so. He has many tools in his belt which enables him to treat a wide variety of complaints. He works in a fast and effective manner saving his clients many return trips to his clinic. I run a busy clinic in Dee Why, it is nice to know Robert is there to refer our clients to when there conditions exceeds the level of experience held by our massage therapists. His style of therapy is in most cases ‘pain Free’. I have been treated by Robert several times and can honestly say that his treatment selections have always been very effective.

Matthew Drayson

Since I was 11 years old I have seen the following:

2 Physicians at Narrabeen
1 Podiatrist at Narrabeen
3 Physiotherapists at Narrabeen
2 Chiropractors in Dee Why
2 Osteopaths in Collaroy
2 Physiotherapists in Hunters Hill
2 Physiotherapists in Balgowlah
1 Physiotherapist in Freshwater
1 TAFE Physiotherapist
3 Chinese Massage Thearpists in Warriewood, Dee Why and Warringah Mall

After all the years of seeing these people with shoulder, lower back, hip and knee injuries that I have picked up along the way in life none of them have given me the feeling of being pain free. Thousands of dollars was spent on trying to fix the injuries that I attained but no one could actually help me become pain free. With a bit of luck a friend of mine told me about Robert Morrissey’s practice and said that he was the guy to see.

The first session which ran for 90 minutes had more of a positive affect on me than the whole 9 years that I spent trying to see people who had major credentials behind them but couldn’t give me an answer that I was looking for. Robert finally gave me the answers I was looking for which was pain free living. See him now or you might regret it.

Adrian Curren, 20 y.o., Sydney

My 17 yr old son Jack has experienced constant back pain for the last 5 years due to various surfing and skateboarding accidents and a belief that he is indestructible and could possibly fly! I have taken him to many “experts” over these years, including physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, Chinese medical practitioner and have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to find relief for him, every time to be disappointed with the result. (infact he appeared to be actually worse after some consultations!

Then we were recommended to see Robert Morrissey and in just 2 sessions Robert has changed my son’s life! Robert knew instantly just by observing my son what needed to be worked on and the results have been absolutely incredible , astounding and life-changing. I can’t thank Robert enough for the amazing work he has done already, my son is no longer experiencing any back pain at all and Robert has also taught him invaluable skills to help him keep his growing body in the best shape possible through exercise, good posture, stretching and good nutrition.

I believe teenage boys can benefit hugely from having an inspiring male role model at this crucial point in their lives and Robert has certainly sown many positive seeds in my son’s developing mind in just 2 sessions. My son thinks Robert is brilliant, he is no longer skeptical and now has faith that Robert can help him recover, be strong and healthy and get his body into the peak condition it should be at his age…thank you so much Robert, my only regret is that we didn’t find you years ago!

Lesley Hall (mum of Jack)

I am pleased to recommend Robert Morrisey of Happy Body . He has changed my life around as I was very limited in how much and how long I could play the piano. It had started to effect my teaching as I could not strech my hands even to an octave and be in constant pain. My span now is 10 white keys , same as when I was in my twenties. I can now play for two hours without a break.

In the last two years I have been to hand therapy sessions at the hand clinic and physiotherapy but none of these were successful for me. However after the first session with Robert there was an incredible flexibility and strength in my hands. I went twice a week for two weeks and now only need maintenance once a month.

If you have an injury or you are in pain, don’t put up with it and try Robert Morrisey. You have nothing to lose.

Nur Sanders age 64, piano teacher for 44 year.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have been recommended to The Happy Body by my personal trainer, who he himself is a professional extreme adventure guide and uses The Happy Body regularly. I do very intense performance driven workouts and having my body at peak form is absolutely essential. Over the years I have developed a few symptoms with my body that other therapists and practitioners across the US and Australia could not fix properly, let alone help me understand – and that’s exactly what Rob at The Happy Body has done for me. Each time I have visited I not only walk away feeling FAR better – but I am also educated about my body and how to keep injury away proactively. This is not the type of place that will just focus on the acute point of pain and reschedule you for treatments multiple times – here I have found a place that not only addresses my pain and all muscular issues, but educates me on how my body is acting and why. I have recommended The Happy Body to a number of friends and colleagues – and highly advise anyone that wishes their body to function at its peak to visit at least once.

Josh Stinton

Manager, KPMG Australia / Board Director, Macquarie University

“I had been having some lower back and hip issues and I’d like to think I’m quite fit, so I don’t normally have many Musculoskeletal issues that hinder my movement. I was forwarded Robert’s contact through my wife’s boss and booked in for a session.

Robert quickly traced the problem down to muscular issues in my Hips and upper legs. With a few treatments to the appropriate areas, my back pain had completely gone away. Not only that, Robert figured out what I was doing wrong at the gym and gave me tips and exercises of what I should be doing to fix my technique long term.

Fantastic outcome, I would have no hesitation in visiting Robert again.

Rahul Bose

I was first referred to Rob by a friend who saw me hobbling down the corridors at college with an injured foot. I swear to you, I hobbled into Rob’s studio in pain, and walked out after our session pain free and without the funny walk. Since then I have seen Rob for issues with my calf, hamstring, lower back and neck, and each time he has given me relief that no other practitioner has done before. Not only does Rob treat the painful symptoms, he also works to find out the cause of the pain, and prevent it happening again!

I have currently been seeing Rob for my calf / hamstring which was a huge obstacle during my soccer training and competitive games. I could not complete all drills at training due to the pain, and during the games I would regularly need a sub to give me a rest before I could go back on the field. After a few sessions with Rob I can now train and complete all drills at training, and I play the entire 90 minutes of soccer without needing to rest.

I run my own personal training business and can honestly say Rob is the only guy I refer my clients to when they are in pain. I trust Rob’s services and have experienced first-hand how fantastic he is at what he does! Thank you Rob!

Elise Kovacs

I have recently been seeing Robert at the “Happy Body Clinic” in Manly for a range of debilitating issues emanating from my back. When I first visited the clinic, about 5 weeks ago, I had been advised by a specialist that my only real option was surgery on the vertebrae of my lower spine (L4 & L5). I was suffering real and constant pain due to really bad Sciatica that had gotten progressively worse in the preceding 3 months. This had led me to walk with great difficulty and as I was compensating for the pain, I became extremely twisted in my spine, to the point where it was impossible for me to straighten correctly and I looked very odd indeed. All in all I was a bit of a mess and had even considered presenting to the “Emergency Dept.” on one occasion as the pain was so acute . I had tried various alternatives including several Chiropractors but nothing made a difference. Pain killers only had a very limited effect and the really strong ones proscribed by my doctor made me extremely drowsy, so I couldn’t take them during the day at work.

In January I was driving south down Condamine Street when I saw the sign for The Happy Body Clinic (opposite Dan Murphy’s). I was at a very low ebb, not wanting surgery at all and also just having started a new job, I was extremely concerned about the possible knock on effect to my career. Therefore, I decided to have one last go at finding an alternative to try and ease the pain, at least to give me more time and delay the surgery a little.

The following Saturday morning I arrived at the clinic and went through my issues. I was obviously not going to be an easy case and Robert was very clear in managing my expectations. We agreed to try 2 sessions and see if we could see any improvement. I am so very glad that I did.

Whilst the treatment was very different to anything I had experienced before, Robert explained at every stage what we were doing and why. After one treatment I had straightened significantly and I was walking much better. Even better after 2 visits to the “Happy Body Clinic” I was walking virtually normally, though still with a very slight limp, but my back was 100% straight.

Robert has since turned his attention to my sciatica. Although during the first two weeks I did have a significant reduction in pain, I had developed a “dead leg” feeling in my left leg with consistent pins and needles going into my foot.

Mainly my treatment has consisted of some manipulation, being worked on with the oscillating massage gun, inversion therapy and “Kinesio” taping, plus exercise advice.

At time of writing, I have now had 4 appointments with Robert. The pain and numbness in my leg has nearly disappeared completely. I am walking straight, back out walking the dog every morning with no pain at all. I have cancelled the surgery. Although I still have a little way to go as I do have some weakness in my back, Robert has advised that I can overcome this with some specific exercises I can do daily at home, strengthening the area and releasing some of the muscle tension.

I am truly astounded and extremely grateful for what Robert has achieved with me over the last month and I am very happy indeed to recommend his services to anyone with back or nerve pain. My experience has had a huge effect on me and I am now looking forward to getting back on a motorbike in the next few weeks, which I genuinely thought might be something that I was never going to be able to enjoy again.

Simon Lee, Manly, 47yo – Sales Manager

I first met Rob almost 8 years ago after being referred to him from a trainer at my gym. I was 15 at the time and was suffering from debilitating back, hip, leg and ankle pain down my right side that caused a major impact in my everyday life. As a former gymnast and at the time full time dancer, I knew injuries were a part of the sports, but this pain was unbearable. I had seen 3 physio’s, 2 chiro’s, had acupuncture done several times, and had consulted with 2 surgeons who both advised me I needed surgery to fix 2 bulging discs in my lumbar spine. 2 appointments later with Rob, my pain was completely gone, swayed back was almost perfectly aligned, hips had a better range of motion and my feet were functioning better for dance. Rob changed my entire quality of life – I went from someone who was taking several prescription painkillers every day to manage my pain levels, to being able to literally jump out of bed and dance for 8 straight hours without any pain or injuries. 8 years later I still see Rob regularly, he’s helped me through on and off shoulder & neck pain, and most recently a broken ankle. Rob is the friendliest person you will meet, everything is about the client and he will go above and beyond for any one of his patients. He is so passionate about his work and getting results for everyone. He is constantly learning new techniques and ways to support his patient’s with faster results. Rob is professional, courteous, polite and friendly, and he is truly one of a kind. Get in now while you have the chance!

Lauren Watkins – Dancer and Gymnast


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