vs Musculoskeletal Therapy

The table below shows comparison of services between a Manly Chiropractor and Musculoskeletal Therapy treatment.

Manly Chiropractor

Musculoskeletal Therapy

One On One Consultation Time

30 minutes

1 hour


$60 – $80

Initial Consultation = $170

Subsequent Consultation = $150

Posture Analysis



Movement Analysis



Oscillating Magnetic Massage Gun



Soft Tissue Massage



Kinesio Taping



Personalised Exercise Routine



Spinal Manipulations



Health Fund Accredited



1. Posture Analysis

We both do a thorough consultation on your history, looking at X-rays, MRI’s or CT scans, to form an accurate picture of your pain /discomfort or stiffness. . However most chiropractors do not include vigorous testing that cover the entire body including muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves and organs that are potentially involved.
The chiropractor more often looks at your immediate source of pain in only 30 minutes, initial consultation. How much history, testing and treatment can be done in 30 minutes? Ask yourself.

2. Movement Analysis

We conduct primal movements and balancing tests, and stress tests to assess weakness versus strength testing where some Chiropractors do not. With accuracy we know then where the source of your pain is from and where to treat. Often it is not where the pain is located.
We use Kinesiology and Reflexology to test every muscle throughout the body as we know that following the site of pain is often misleading.
M.D Karel Lewit “ he who treats the sight of pain is lost…”

3. Oscillating Magnetic Massage Gun

We use a hands on high frequency Japanese magnetic massage gun that has the same effect of 30 minutes of hand massage in 5 minutes to release the very muscles responsible for the misalignment of the pelvis/spine or vertebra and the cause of your pain.

In one session the gun turns an injured muscle that is inhibited  into a 100% firing muscle at peak strength, often with complete reduction or a significant reduction of pain.

Oscillating Massage Gun & tape

4. Soft Tissue Massage

The Chiropractor philosophy is to only adjust the bony spinal structure, which is why a session is only 15 min follow up, and then trusting the muscles and tendons, ligaments to follow after the chiropractic treatment. With respect…
Most spinal adjustment only lasts short periods, because tight muscles pull on this adjustment, there by needing constant adjustments to try to keep the vertebras in place.
This type of treatment is known as palliative care, e.g. treating the symptoms, and not the cause of the symptoms.
We look at the reasons why you need constant spinal adjustments and provide soft tissue treatment to the structures involved.
Our treatment process reduces regular visits to therapists. As the cause of your pain is sorted out. No band aid at our clinic!

5. Kinesio Taping

We apply Kinesio taping to stimulate weak non firing spinal muscles, that supports the vertebral instabilities and subluxations.
The taping allows the patient to return to there work place or favourite activity with support/confidence and often experience pain free movement. It is amazing when applied properly in resolving pain.

6. Personalised Recovery Exercise Routine

After we have identified the non-performing/weak  muscles and given them strength, and have returned the muscles to normal function again, we then put into place if necessary an exercise routine designed at targeting all your weak problematic areas.
We don’t wrap you up in cotton wool and keep you coming back for the same treatment, expecting different results . We focus on where your pain source is from, not where your pain is located.

7. Personalised Stretching Routine

We provide an individual  routine in conjunction with exercises, which allows you pain free movement in your daily life. Examples of this could be…
• Parent picking up their children
• Athletes that want to get back to sport faster
• Workers doing repetitive work like cashier, shop assistant, factory workers bending and picking up parcels several hundred times a day.

We eliminate the cause of your back pain by taking the stresses off your muscles, joints and ligaments achieving a more balanced workout.

8. Spinal Manipulations

Chiropractors use a high force velocity adjustment to achieve their results, which can be very unpleasant and painful at times, e.g  cracking the neck or back.
MET (muscle energy technique) is so soft, gentle and pain free that you don’t even know you have had an alignment, (adjustment)  We align and position the vertebra like chiropractors do but we only do this when necessary. Not routinely as Chiropractors.  We achieve pain free results without the harsh audible cracking alignment.

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