What is the CyberScan?

CyberScan is one of the most advanced biofeedback devices available today.
Made in Germany using state-of-the-art technology, the device is based upon the patents and technologies of the famous experimental physicist Nikola Tesla.
The Happy Body uses CyberScan’s advanced Tesla based scalar wave technology to address the imbalances and disorders within the body by helping the body remember the balanced and stress-free state. With a well-regulated immune system you are able to have more energy, vibrancy, and optimal health for both body and mind.

How does the CyberScan work?

The Cyberscan Energetic field device works by tuning into an individual’s energetic field on a cellular level.
A simple hand scan or hair sample is all the Cyberscan device needs. Cyberscan scans every cell, organ and functional system and gives feed back to the practitioner. It prioritises what needs to be healed first.

If a cell is not communicating with another to support the immune system and that cell is diseased or stressed to some capacity the Cyberscan bio feedback tunes into your own unique energetic field through what is known as scalar waves. It then identifies what imbalances you have with immense accuracy.
No guess work involved in the process, just energetic quantum medicine at its highest level.

Why CyberScan?

The Cyberscan energetic healing device will balance out the imbalances in your body. It has been shown to cause a beneficial response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system.
It’s all science, all natural, no guess work.

Who is it for?

CyberScan bio feedback has reported benefits on the following symptoms:

        • Reduces stress & anxiety
        • Significantly reduces chronic fatigue sypmtoms
        • Improves low libido
        • Improved sleep
        • More vitality and energy
        • Reduction of anger, fear & depression
        • Improves digestion, bloating & gas
        • Eliminates fungi and parasites
        • Eliminates / or significantly reduces headaches/migraines
        • Assists with menopause & pre-menstrual symptoms

Cyberscan patient testimonies

Assisting with Weight Loss

Sierra, 56 years old, was concerned about her sudden weight gain following menopause.
On average, weight gain following menopause is often between 5-8kgs and naturally this is a concern for most women.
Due to higher than normal stress levels she was experiencing tiredness, anxiety and high levels of irritability, adding that she felt constantly sad for no obvious reason.

Cyberscan bio feedback analysis indicated significant imbalances with respect to anxiety and stress levels alongside hormone levels in keeping with the onset of menopause. Cyberscan bio feedback will target and eliminate the bad ones, leaving only the good ones to do their job. This will significantly improve her mood and energy levels.

Within days of her first session Sierra’s appetite had decreased 30% and she found that her portions of food decreased as she no longer felt the need to continually ‘snack’.   As her stress levels dropped, she experienced what most of my clients refer to as a beautiful deep calmness. Sierra was thrilled with her  weight loss and this continued for the next five sessions.  She is losing weight at a healthy rate and reports an improvement in her mood of approximately 70%.

Importantly Sierra noted a significant decrease in anxiety generally, following the first few sessions. Energetic field bio feedback is all natural but it is not a magic bullet. As Sierra is losing weight slowly she should easily be able to maintain the progress which is making her feel good about herself again and that in turn leads to overall feelings of happiness and vitality that was lacking before starting the energetic bio feedback. Essentially, her mood is stable and balanced.

Treating Low Libido

Brad, 61 year old male, was suffering with vertigo, fatigue and weight gain. Brad experienced daily lethargy and was having trouble with his energy levels to the point of needing excessive sleep.

An initial consultation identified that he was also suffering low libido as a further symptom. Following the Energetic Bio Feedback Cyberscan analysis and the first of six weeks of sessions, Brad reported a significant decrease in both fatigue and vertigo.

Moreover, his libido significantly increased following the Cyberscan treatment – admitting that he felt like he was making love to his wife like his former 20 year old self!

Overall, Brad commented on a wonderful feeling of overall wellness and peace. His appetite had subsided which resulted in positive weight loss results. Today, he has a lot more energy and is showing little signs of fatigue with the ability to work much longer hours in his new business.

Healing Chronic Fatigue

I suffered chronic fatigue for 19 years. It was a struggle everyday. This illness puts your life on hold. You wake up exhausted and stay that way all day long, even after two or three naps. I tried many different methods to overcome my chronic fatigue but nothing would hold for more than 2-8 weeks. I then put myself on the Cyberscan programme which is a bio feedback device and my life has improved into greatness. I wake up with energy and only need to nap once a week briefly. I am back doing light exercise. I am back participating in life rather than being an observer in life. Cyberscan bio feedback device has changed my life significantly in many ways, such as improved my digestion, my stress levels have replaced with a deep inner calmness and I have vitality and energy once again. I became a practitioner, so I could help others overcome chronic

Treating Parasites and Bacteria

Energetic bio feedback device helped with parasites. It target and eliminates the bad parasites, fungi and bacteria we all have. Even the bacteria that is anti biotic resistant!

Unwanted parasites etc make you feel unwell and always fatigued. The bio feedback device scans every cell, organ and functional system throughout your body. It detects any stressors and imbalances and then balances them out. Parasites, fungi and bacteria are often difficult to overcome and antibiotics are required, often more than one course and antibiotics play havoc on your health in many ways. If your wanting to rid your body of unwanted parasites once and for all then energetic feedback device is for you . It takes anything from 2-6 visits. The bio feedback will also raise your immune levels to their peak and significantly reduce any stressors you have. You will gain more energy, vitality and a better digestion.
It’s all natural. It’s all science at it’s highest form in quantum physic in the medical world.