Symptoms We Treat

Robert is a highly educated and qualified practitioner using a array of Modalities from Soft Tissue, Sports, Japanese massage techniques, passive manipulations, Osteopathic, Physiotherapy techniques, Posture and Movement Analysis. Kinesio Taping on a case by case and looks after professional athletes, gymnast, dancers, servicing several gyms and training staff on the Northern beaches as well as the general public. Based in Manly

    Nerve PainTendonitisWhiplash
    SciaticaTennis ElbowFibromyalgia
    Growing PainsNeck PainGolfers Elbow
    Neck PainHip & Leg PainSurgical Scarring /cesarean
    Spinal Imbalances & Postural IssuesScoliosis (Curvature of the sppine)Sciatic Nerve Syndrome
    Sports InjuriesOrthopaedic Foot AdjustmentsHeadaches / Migraines /TMJ

    onsen international   Association-of-Massage-Therapists


    Our Trained Manly Massage Practioner is registered with most Australian private health funds so you will be able to claim some of the cost back as a rebate

    At the completion of your treatment, we will issue you with a receipt which you can take to your health fund to get a rebate.


    about us

    Robert, the founder of The Happy Body, practices the use of several revolutionary techniques to gain instant muscle activation, reducing or stopping painful symptoms, with amazing long lasting results. Find out more about Robert’s techniques and qualifications.

    who’s it for

    We most commonly treat Back and Hip pain (chronic and acute), but also treat pain in other areas of the body. We are highly experienced and qualified at identifying the issue and treating the cause.

    what you get

    After your first session, you will feel reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and restoration of proper function of muscles and joint. Learn more about what you get here.