Learn about Chiropractic V’s Musculoskeletal Therapy services


Learn about Physiotherapy V’s Musculoskeletal Therapy services


Learn about Remedial/Sports Massage V’s Musculoskeletal Therapy services

what you get

  • Your initial one hour private musculoskeletal consultation will be a mix of the following techniques:
  • 1. Posture Analysis
  • 2. Movement Analysis
  • 3. Oscillating Massage Gun
  • 4. Soft Tissue Treatment
  • 5. Kinesio Taping Is a Must / Dry Needling and Electrotherapy if required. Its a game changer!!
  • 6. Personalised Exercise Routine
  • 7. Personalised Stretching Routine
  • 8. Education

1.Posture Analysis

Thorough consultation asking questions on your past and present history, looking at X-rays, MRI’s or CT scans, enables us to form an accurate picture of your situation, the nature of injury/pain and what muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves and organs are potentially involved. 

We then look at your posture to see which joints are causing problems elsewhere and how your pain affects your posture.

2. Movement Analysis

We determine the cause and effects of the injury through basic primal movements and balancing tests to assess weakness versus strength and movements that are causing you pain.

We use Reflexology and Kinesiology to test every muscle related to the injured painful area.

This overall assessment allows us to determine the underlying issue and the cause of the pain opposed to just focusing on symptoms.

We don’t make assumptions. Your pain is not like everyone else’s, we treat the individual pain.

3. Oscillating Massage Gun

The high frequency oscillating massage promotes three things:

1. Lymphatic drainage removing the built up toxins in the injured muscle.
2. Increased blood supply rich in nutrients to support and heal the muscle allowing the body’s natural healing process to take place.
3. Muscle proprioception which provides a clearer signal between the brain and the injured area increasing muscle function.

Oscillating Massage Gun & tape
In one session the gun can turn an injured muscle that is not functioning into a firing muscle at 100% peak strength often with complete reduction or a significant reduction of pain.

4. Soft Tissue Treatment

We don’t release tight muscles straight away until we determine why they are tight. Often a muscle becomes tight and works harder because somewhere along the chain, another muscles are asleep.

When we identify a muscle that is not working and then activate the muscle using a combination of the Oscillating Massage Gun and Kinesio Taping, the tight muscle often releases on its own, with out the need of regular massage treatments, thus saving you money and time! For those muscles that do not release by them selves, it merely requires a little soft tissue massage to release it.

Using this technique, the muscle stays released longer because we are treating the underlying issue and the cause of the pain opposed to just focusing on the symptoms.

5. Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping has the same elasticity as human muscle. The elastic characteristics allow the normalisation of muscle tone, promoting flow of lymphatic fluid and rich nutrient carrying blood. This allows the bodies natural healing process to take place in reducing pain.

Kinesio taping allows the patient compete range of motion during rehabilitation allowing you to return back to work, or your favourite activity with the confidence and security that you can lead a full productive pain free life. 

Elite athletes have integrated the taping method as a component of injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as increased performance.

6. Personalised Exercise Routine

After we have identified the non-performing/weak muscles and given them strength, and have returned the muscle to peak performance, we repeat the movement analysis to test the area.

We then re-access the movement analysis, to measure the effects of the taped muscle.

Based upon these results, an exercise routine is designed where necessary. With Roberts professional assessment he makes absolute sure each exercise is done correctly and tailored to your needs. Sometimes it’s a small but vital correction that needs to be made in the way you are exercising.

Over time, the exercises are re-evaluated and enhanced if need be.

7. Personalised Stretching Routine

A stretching routine is also created and designed to improve functionality and performance.

If you stretch a muscle that does not need to be stretched, you could be doing more harm than good!

8. Education

We teach you about your particular condition because we know when patients fully understand their situation they feel more empowered, and are more likely to follow a program and reap in the benefits.

Informed people get faster results – therefore are happier people.

Mission statement:

Our purpose is not only to eliminate the pain, but also educate the patient on ways to prevent injury.

The best doctor for everyone is the doctor inside!
During every step through the above treatment process, for those keen for deeper understanding, education is aided with the use of software tools, 3d models and images outlining their condition and treatment.

What All This Means To You After Your First Session:

Follow Up Sessions:

After initial consultation, follow up session continues to be hourly one on one session where we continue to evaluate what worked and did not work for you.

In each session we focus on the most underlying structures and methodically work thru them.

You can expect to be walking away from each session feeling noticeably better than you walked in.

about us

Robert, the founder of The Happy Body, practices the use of several revolutionary techniques to gain instant muscle activation, reducing or stopping painful symptoms, with amazing long lasting results. Find out more about Robert’s techniques and qualifications.

who’s it for

We most commonly treat Back and Hip pain (chronic and acute), but also treat pain in other areas of the body. We are highly experienced and qualified at identifying the issue and treating the cause.

what you get

After your first session, you will feel reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and restoration of proper function of muscles and joint. Learn more about what you get here.