Cyberscan Bio Feed Back device is linked to the same technologies and inventor as the mobile phone and electric car. THE FAMOUS AND BRILLIANT  NICOLA TESLA.  If someone told you 20 years ago that people would be walking around with a device that can be used as a phone, access the internet, incorporate a global position system,  camera ,  video  and be in a gadget the size of your hand ! you would have thought someone was crazy….. but here we are with the exact device.



How Cyberscan Energetic field Bio Feed Back  device works?


Cyberscan Energetic field device tunes into individuals morphogenetic field  (your bodies individual energy field) on a cellular level. There is no guess work involved just energetic quantum  medicine at its highest level.
A  simple hand scan or hair sample is all the cyberscan bio feed back needs.
 If a cell is not communicating with another to support the immune system and that cell is diseased or stressed to some capacity  the cyberscan  bio feed back  tunes into your own unique energetic field  through what is  known as scalar waves. It then identifies what imbalances you have with immense accuracy.
 Cyberscan bio feed back device scans every cell, organ and functional system and gives feed back to the practitioner.  It prioritises  what needs to be healed first. It’s all science, all natural , no guess work. The body is capable of healing itself and this is the missing link to give the body a boost into doing just that.


Cyberscan energetic field device will stimulate improvement of systemic functions , get your immune  system to it’s peak as well as improving stress and tolerance levels. The Cyberscan energetic healing device will balance out the imbalances in your body. It has been shown to cause a beneficial response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system. Every client of mine reports back that there is a welcomed, beautiful  calmness that they feel within 48 hours. Their stress levels drop and when this happens, your body has the ability to take on significiantely better health, vitality, motivation and your life becomes easier and as a result, happier.  Cyberscan bio feed back  allows this to happen in a gentle way that is long lasting.


 Clients using CyberScan biofeed back  have reported benefits on the following symptoms…..


  • More vitality and energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Great improvement with low libido 
  • Huge reduction in stress, anxiety, irritability and nervousness
  • Greatly improves or eliminates chronic fatigue problems
  • Improved general health and sense of well being. Boots your immune system to it’s peak
  • Reduction of anger, fear, panic attacks and depression
  • Improves digestive problems, bloating, gas and rumbling
  • Heightened muscle mobility
  • Eliminates  nasty fungi, parasites and the antibiotic resistant bad bacteria
  • Enhanced mental clarity, memory recall
  • Gum infection and gingivitis
  • Decreases or eliminates  pain in the body
  • Decreases or eliminates headaches/migraines
  • Helps with menopause &  pre menstrual symptoms


Your body is energetically connected and constantly in communication with itself. The primary function of this communication is to maintain overall health and balance. Energetic Cyberscan healing allows your body to be the best it can be and reach it’s full potential.  



Your body’s own electromagnetic system is very complex due to daily stress, Electrosmog, Geopathic and environmental  stress and any disruptions are sufficient to cause an imbalance in the immune system which impacts our health,  well being and energy.


For further information on Cyberscan energetic field device please call The Happy Body Clinic. Take a look at youtube video’s for a better understanding.






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