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The Happy Body

We are experts at identifying and resolving pain. We specialise in hip, and back pain, the most complex and difficult area to treat. WE GET SIGNIFICANT RESULTS at your first treatment.

We use a mix of chiropractic, physiotherapy along with sports/remedial massage techniques. In a one hour treatment we provide a variety of simple orthopaedic tests. This includes a comprehensive structural and postural movement analysis. Vigorous muscle testing is performed in identifying the problem areas. This then pin points accurately the areas of the body that need treatment. No assumptions are made.

We apply advanced Japanese Oscillating Massage Gun. This is very effective in getting positive results and reducing your pain significantly. We do various soft tissue treatment and apply Kinesio Taping that’s then followed by a personalised exercise and stretching routine.  Applied the Japanese way you can expect long lasting results with significant reduction in pain.

For chronic pain suffers this can be life changing!

about us

Robert, the founder of The Happy Body, practices the use of several revolutionary techniques to gain instant muscle activation, reducing or stopping painful symptoms, with amazing long lasting results. Find out more about Robert’s techniques and qualifications.

who’s it for

We most commonly treat Back and Hip pain (chronic and acute), but also treat pain in other areas of the body. We are highly experienced and qualified at identifying the issue and treating the cause. Find out more about who it’s for.

what you get

After your first session, you will feel reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and restoration of proper function of muscles and joint. Learn more about what you get.